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Portland's Walk of the Heroines is a unique garden park on the campus of Portland State University in downtown Portland, OR.

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Combining art, gardens, text, and a vibrant community space, the Walk of the Heroines is at once functional and beautiful. In a subtly changing landscape, areas of quiet contemplation merge into more active spaces for conversation and public celebration. A visitor entering from either end of the Walk encounters exciting discoveries.

Naming Wall | Stage & Stage Wall | Fountain | Educational Kiosk | Gardens |Engraved Quotations | Sculptures | More Pictures

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The Walk of the Heroines is located on the Portland State University campus in downtown Portland.  The garden is easy to reach when visiting Portland's major cultural institutions including the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical Society, the Keller Fountain and Auditorium, and the Performing Arts Center.  See this map to find the Walk and nearby sites of interest.

Paid parking is available in campus parking structure #3 (enter on 12th or 13th between Montgomery and Market streets). Parking is free on Sundays. The Portland streetcar stops on the Park Blocks (at Montgomery and at Market) a short distance from the Walk. The Walk may also be easily reached from the PSU MAX stop and from many buses which run on 5th ave from downtown Portland.

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